This wiki was created with drama fans in mind – specifically to help audiences understand how Japanese society influences the representation of gender we see in these productions.

Even so, this site covers only a small aspect of Japanese dramas, with a number of other websites providing additional information on idols, the dramas themselves or even the wider East-Asian entertainment industry. To that end, below we’ve included a few helpful links below with biographies taken from each of the sites in question.


Recently taken over by Viki - an international video service - Soompi is an English-language website providing coverage of Korean pop culture. One of the premier sources for Korean entertainment news, its forums attract huge numbers with 7,500,000 people visiting the site each month. The website looks to cater for the world audience that K-dramas attract by having facilities for French, Spanish, Portugese and Thai language services.


Similar to TokyoHive is a smaller site yet specific to Japanese entertainment news with a particular emphasis on dramas and music. A mix of press releases, drama summaries and reviews, the site is owned by 6Theory Media Network - also responsible for


Similar to Soompi, DramaBeans is a fansite but one dedicated to Korean dramas, providing drama casting news and many recaps. Ran by a number of standout individuals - with an extensive, freelance support staff, its devoted following suggests its the go-to site for those interested following current Korean dramas.


Of the sites available here, MyDramaList's forums are arguably the most comprehensive and up to date. Whilst the rest of the site acts as in a similar function to the wikis listed below, DramaList's forums attract a huge number of East-Asian drama fans, with a number of categories sorted according to the country in question. For those interesting in speaking with like-minded drama fans, this is the website for you


Perhaps a more 'user-friendly' version of D-Addicts (see below), AsianWiki also provides a thorough database of all East-Asian dramas, including summaries, season overviews and biographies for individual actors. The site also allows users to rank both dramas and actors, providing an aggregate score for those interested in finding out who fellow fans perceive as popular/less so. Again, like many of these Wiki pages, AsianWiki is fan-run, meaning on ongoing, collaborative effort by those interested in Asian Dramas.


Arguably the most in-depth of the sites listed here, D-addicts is a website for pure drama fans. Truly a wiki, the site provides a comprehensive, continually-updated account of all East-Asian dramas. Whilst the most information provided will be a summary of the production in question, the site also caters for upcoming dramas, including broadcast times in addition to a list of upcoming releases for the next season. For those who consume dramas on a regular basis, consider D-addicts as a drama database.

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